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Do you remember when you last had a dental checkup and professional cleaning? According to the American Dental Association, scheduling semiannual checkups and cleanings with your 78641 dentist are critical to sustaining good oral health. At Shiny Dental Spa, their world-class team of dentists are more than happy to provide you with the essential preventive care we all require. Whether you’re in need of a comprehensive oral exam, teeth cleaning, or the most specialized endodontic and periodontal care, you can rest assured that you’ll receive first-class treatment at their Woburn dental office.

The plaque which forms over and in-between our teeth following meals is home to colonies of harmful bacteria. These bacteria release acids which erode the enamel of teeth over time, leading to dental decay, cavities, and worse if left untreated. It’s inevitable that over time, some plaque will accumulate in our mouths, despite even our best efforts when brushing and flossing. Your 78641 dentist is highly skilled in treating and reversing the harmful effects of plaque buildup, and can give you great tips on how to improve your oral care regimen at home.

78641 Dentist

Of particular concern for adult patients is any plaque that makes its way beneath the gum line, where it can harden into tartar. It’s very important that your dentist examines the health of your gums and professionally removes any hardened tartar in the gums. This initial stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can develop, unpronounced for years, slowly advancing into its more severe stages. In its latest phase, gum disease results in tooth loss, as well as significant loss of underlying bone and soft tissue. Your 78641 dentist is here to help, whether you require preventive care, or the most advanced treatment of gum disease.

If dental decay or gum disease should arise, you’ll be in excellent hands at Shiny Dental Spa. Providing the full scope of general, endodontic and periodontal dentistry services, their staff is well prepared to offer multiple levels of oral care. To schedule your next visit, call the number below.

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