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Teeth Whitening in Leander

Where can I get teeth whitening in Leander?

Did you know that teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular cosmetic enhancements in the United States? Patients across the nation are constantly seeking ways to improve their already beautiful appearances, and with a proven treatment as simple as teeth whitening, why not? At Shiny Dental Spa, we can transform your smile to be as good looking as it is healthy.

Correcting teeth stained or discolored caused by regularly consuming coffee, certain sodas, tea, red wine, highly pigmented food and tobacco usage and aging is easier than ever before. To accommodate this rapidly expanding cosmetic enhancement trend, Shiny Dental Spa offers two exceptional teeth whitening in Leander procedures that will have your smile looking as bright as a diamond!

Teeth Whitening in Leander

Our highly recommended choice is a professionally-administered teeth whitening procedure that will almost instantly restore the white, bright, youthful appearance of your smile. These exceptional results are achieved using a prescription strength whitening gel, and in as little time as a one-hour appointment, you can expect teeth whitened by as many as eight shades! With this method of teeth whitening in Leander, you will leave our office with your smile noticeably brighter than when you arrived. Talk about instant gratification!

Although teeth whitening in Leander is speediest in our office, some of our patients find it more comfortable to whiten their teeth on-the-go or at home on their own schedule. In our efforts to provide the most convenient services, we can provide a professional-strength, take-home whitening system for these patients. The take-home teeth whitening kit delivers equally pleasing results as the in-office procedure, but at a gradual rate, typically over the course of several days or nights. No matter which method of teeth whitening you choose, you can rest assured the products we use are safe and contain no abrasive ingredients.

If you are still on the fence about undergoing professional teeth whitening in Leander, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jones. We are sure you will find that teeth whitening is one of the most satisfying cosmetic services you can experience. Call Shiny Dental Spa today for your appointment!


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