Where can I get a Teeth Cleaning in Leander?

If you’re looking for exceptional quality preventive dental care, you’re already ahead of the game. Visiting the professionals at Shiny Dental Spa for a professional teeth cleaning in Leander is an excellent place to start for staying on top of your oral health. But did you know that there are different kinds of dental cleanings, depending on your oral care needs?

Teeth Cleaning in Leander

What most people think of when they consider going to the dentist for a checkup is a routine professional teeth cleaning in Leander. This is the most common type of teeth cleaning, and involves removing plaque, tartar and superficial stains from your teeth. This cleaning occurs only at the margins of the gum line and on the crown (the visible part of the tooth). The American Dental Association recommends scheduling a routine cleaning every six months along with your oral exam. As an essential component of your oral care regime, routine teeth cleanings aid in reducing your risk for the development of dental disease.

If a deeper periodontal cleaning is required, your dentist performs the same services as in a routine teeth cleaning, and then takes it a few steps further by cleaning the “pockets” between the gums and the teeth that are beneath the gum-line. These pockets can collect excess amounts of plaque which, if not removed, can eventually lead to gingivitis, bone decay, and tooth loss. A periodontal cleaning, or deep cleaning, is needed to remove plaque deposits from under the gums to restore the health of your smile. When a periodontal cleaning is performed, all the plaque, calculus, and debris from below the gum line is removed, and the roots of the teeth are smoothed and planed.

Whether you’re due for your next checkup and professional teeth cleaning in Leander, or require more advanced periodontal therapy to halt the progression of gum disease, the experienced team at Shiny Dental Spa is here for you when you need us most. To schedule your next checkup, give us a call today!

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